Saturday, December 25, 2021

Easy win elite faucet lists

              You can earn 1000 satoshi in an hour.
    Faucet List easy free win

1- Viefaucet No minimum.Payment=Bitcoin -Faucetpay - instantly
2- Claimlite club No minimum.Payment= Bitcoin,Litecoin - Faucetpay - instantly
3- Coinadster - No shortlinks,Per 1 min Free Roll 3,15 4200 SatoshiPayment - Faucetpay 1000Sat
4- Faucetcrypto - PTC,Shortlinks,Daily,Bonus satoshi once an hour, once a day -Payment = Faucetpay
5- Freebitcoin - Free Roll per 60 min 15 sat,Multiply,Rewards point-Payment=Direct wallet
6- Per 1 min Simple faucet,shortlinks,ptc - Payment= Expresscyrpto and Faucetpay
7- Doge Faucet Faucetpay Payment 0.21 DOGE every 60 minutes

Quickly Win Faucets

1- Claimfreecoin

    - Bitcoin faucet  

   - Litecoin faucet

   - Ethereum 

   - Bitcoin Cash 

   - Doge 

   - Dash 

   - Tron 

   - Digibyte 

2- GGfaucet

     - Bitcoin 

    - Ethereum

    - Litecoin

    - Bitcoin Cash 

3- Randomit

    - Ethereum

   - Litecoin

   - Bitcoin Cash

   - Doge 

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Microwallets - Important : First, you must open the microwallet account.



 Microwallet,Coin swap exchange,Linked coin adress :
Adding an address and withdrawing your earnings from that wallet

 Cyriptos =  Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin Cash,Dash,Litecoin,Doge,Digibyte,Tron.Tether(trc20),Feyrora

 Earn=  Faucet List,Offerwall,Paid to Clicks

Faucetpay Sing up

 Linked adress
  You can get Linked Wallet Addresses from these sites.


    Binance         =          Sing up

    BtcTurk Pro =          Sing up 

    Paribu          =           Sing up 

    Koinim         =           Sing up


Faucets Sing up Banners

CoinAdster * more than just crypto platform

Binance linked adress example:

For Binance, copy the coin address in the lower right corner of the image below and add it to the linked address in faucetpay. 

This is the sample address in the picture. Add the address on your Binance account.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


“FaucetCrypto Review 2020”

Faucetcrypto is much more than a faucet and offers a variety of ways to earn “Coins” that have a value in BTC. Previously Faucetcrypto was on Faucethub and always paid members out 100%. Now they offer Faucetpay and Direct Wallet Withdrawals. They have your basic faucet to start as well as Shortlinks, PTC Ads, and Offerwalls. They have an affiliate program and offer advertising also.

“Earn Coins”

As stated in the Introduction you can earn coins which then can be converted to BTC and many other altcoins. The amount you are rewarded varies with the fluctuations in the Bitcoin Price. To earn easily and effortlessly you can claim from the faucet every 40 minutes.


Win upto $200 in Bitcoins every hour, no strings attached! Multiply your bitcoins, free weekly lottery with big prizes, 50% referral commissions and much more!

Easy win elite faucet lists

              You can earn 1000 satoshi in an hour.     Faucet List easy free win 1- Viefaucet No minimum.Payment=Bitcoin -Faucetpay - i...